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but what about nonbinary bucky being totally supported by everyone and they all make xym feel good about xyr gender and just feel really loved bc that is perf

"steve," says bucky urgently, one day when xe’s heard "he" used to refer to xym one too many times. "i don’t like those pronouns."

steve blinks at xym, a little surprised, but clearly willing to listen in that big blue-eyed, earnest way of his. “okay.” he says evenly.”uh, which ones do you want?”

"xe, xym, and xyr," bucky tells him. "so - xe when you’d say he, xym instead of him, and xyr for his."

"sure, bucky," says steve. "of course."

he slips up a couple times after that, but corrects himself immediately, looking sheepish. it’s a little easier for bucky to tell the rest of the team, knowing that xe has steve’s support.

the rest of the team doesn’t make a fuss at all; quite the opposite. pepper helps xym shop for clothes that look and fit the way xe wants them to, clint spells out “bucky” instead of using masculine signs to refer to xym, and tony changes all of the restroom signing throughout the tower to be gender neutral, which admittedly he should have done a long time ago.

they each support bucky in their own ways, and it makes xym feel so loved.

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i learned a lot about asl and deaf culture researching for this post, but i am hearing and would appreciate being corrected if i’ve made any errors!
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Imagine, to help everyone become more relaxed with Bucky, all the avengers go paintballing but Bucky's Winter Soldier training means he beats everyone?

They’d framed it as a “team-building activity”, but really it’s more of a tactical exercise. At least, that’s how Bucky approaches it. 

"So…it’s kinda like simunitions, then?" he asks, eyeing the paintball gun Steve is holding suspiciously.

"Kinda. More paint than simunitions." Steve shrugs. 

Half an hour in it’s clear that no one is going to get anywhere - they keep getting hit and their opponent is nowhere to be seen. “THIS IS NOT HOW YOU BUILD A TEAM”, yells Tony, wiping red paint off of his arm while Bruce giggles, covered in the same colour.

"I see you, bird," laughs Clint from above, lining up a shot on Sam, but before he can get it off, blue paint explodes on Sam’s chest, and then on Clint’s. 

"I HAVE BEEN DEFEATED. YOU ARE A NOBLE AND SKILLED OPPONENT, FRIEND!" booms Thor cheerily, having taken a shot of yellow paint to the leg. 

Bucky’s down to only two targets now - Natasha and Steve. They come up on him in a flash, and there’s a long, tense moment where they’re all holding their weapons on one another. 

Natasha looks back and forth at the two of them. “Okay, count of three. One-” she nods at Bucky, “Two-” nods at Steve, “THREE!”

Laughing, they all pull the triggers at the same time, covering one another in paint, and with that, everyone’s out. 

"Technically, I won", smirks Bucky.

"Next time we want to do team-building, let’s, I don’t know, go to one of those spa retreats instead," grumbles Tony. "My treat, if it means we never have to do this with Annie Oakley here ever again."

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imagine bucky in a relationship with steve and nat and every once in a while he starts to pull away because he doesn't think he's worth it and he doesn't want to lose them but he wants them to be happy and he (wrongly) thinks they'll be happier together without him because of how much they have to take care of him and imagine they notice when he does this and take extra efforts to show him how much they love him and want him around

sometimes, their efforts to show him how loved he is backfire. steve makes him breakfast in bed, and it feels like one more thing steve has done for him that he will never be able to repay. nat restocks his ammo stash and leaves him a note with a keycode to access the practice ranges after hours, and it feels like she thinks he can’t do those things himself. he feels coddled and stifled and like it must somehow be insincere.

steve and nat sense him backing off and decide a more direct approach is needed.

“hey buck,” steve calls into the kitchen, where bucky is cleaning up from lunch. “you wanna come here for a sec? there’s something nat and i want to talk to you about.”

bucky walks in and sits across from them, arms crossed, tenser than steve has seen him in weeks.

“okay,” he says stiffly. “i mean, if you guys wanna break up with me, it’s fine, i get it -“

“oh my god,” says steve, at the same time nat says, “no. no. nuh-uh. not so fast, barnes.”

he stares at them, mouth dropping open. “…okay, what then?” he finally manages to ask.

“we’ve noticed you distancing yourself lately,” steve starts.

“it seems to us like you don’t feel like we want you to be a part of this relationship. is that true?” nat asks.

“yeah, i guess,” says bucky, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly. “uh -“

“we just wanted to tell you,” says steve -

“that you are very much wanted in this relationship,” continues nat -

“and that we would NOT be happier without you around,” adds steve -

“and that we appreciate you just the way you are,” finishes nat.

“oh, and,” they say in unison, “we fucking love you.

bucky squints at them. “did you two rehearse that?” he asks, redirecting his thoughts from the traitorous wetness in his eyes.

“maybe,” steve admits sheepishly.

“i like the addition of ‘fucking,’” bucky comments. his voice is only shaking a little. “it’s a nice touch.”


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Imagine Bucky bonding with Clint because they both know what it's like to be controlled by something/one else.

clint’s easy to be around.

“hey,” he says, lounging on the couch in the living room. “you wanna get a pizza? i’m fucking hungry. let’s get a pizza.”

bucky doesn’t even know his name for the first five minutes of their friendship, and about three minutes after that, clint comes out and says, blunt as anything, “so, last year thor’s little bro loki uh, took me hostage and mind-controlled me, i guess? that’s the best way to put it, maybe? anyways, he used me against shield and i, uh, i killed a lot of people, and that happened. so if you, wanna talk.” he waves a hand awkwardly, then wipes it over his face. “god, that was awkward,” he says, voice muffled by his hand. “sorry.”

“yeah, that was awkward,” bucky agrees.

“so, can we forget that ever happened?”

“yeah,” bucky agrees. thankfully, it’s not long before the pizza arrives and rescues them from the awkward silence.

bucky doesn’t forget it happened, though; he thinks about what clint said and eventually, they do talk.

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Imagine Bucky watching Natasha doing Yoga. She has a routine she does every morning after waking up and he just likes to sit and watch her do the poses. It is kind of relaxing for him too.

Bucky likes to watch Nat doing just about anything - she has an easy grace about her that’s beautiful to watch even when she’s doing the simplest of tasks - and her morning yoga routine is one of the highlights of his day.

She always starts by opening the curtains in the living room, letting the morning light come in, and there in the sunlight in the middle of the floor, she begins her routine. The first few times, he’d been sitting at the kitchen table, eating his cereal, and he wasn’t sure if what she was doing was private, and he would politely pretend he wasn’t watching.

After awhile, though, it became part of his morning routine, too. Watching her body move fluidly and slowly from one pose to another brought a sort of peace to his morning that he wasn’t sure he’d ever have again. 

It’s not till after the first month or so that she turns her head and catches his eye. He grins at her, a little embarrassed to be caught staring.

"James." She smiles back kindly. "You want to teach you how to do the routine too? It feels really good."

He contemplates for a moment. “Yeah…okay. Sure. That sounds…nice.”

And that’s how they start every morning, now, moving through yoga poses together before sitting down and sharing breakfast with the whole day ahead of them.