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imagine bucky and natasha teasing each other in russian during a fight scene

It starts because Bucky has a tendency to lapse into Russian when he’s under stress or overly-focused on something else. He’s at his worst during fights, where most of his focus is on the task at hand and keeping his own head without falling too heavily into the Winter Soldier headspace. The rest of the team generally still shouts to him in English, though Steve will sometimes use Russian if he really wants to be sure that Bucky caught what he was saying. But Natasha makes the switch right alongside him, relaying orders and information over the team’s channels in both languages, one after the other.

He overhears her telling Steve one evening after a mission that it’s because she doesn’t want him to feel alienated any more than he does already. And even though it makes his stomach twist a little to be reminded that his brain is never entirely going to be the way it was before the fall, it reassures him that Natasha cares enough to do it.

And then one morning, while they’re fending off the newest alien threat to New York, she takes out one of his targets before he can, and “Too slow, James!” crackles into his earpiece in Russian in response to his muffled curse.

He snaps back with, “You little brat!” because it’s the first thing that comes to mind, and she actually laughs. Another of his targets goes down in a crackle of electricity before he can even get a proper sight on it.

You’re going to have to do better than that, James! You’d think you were slipping up! Also, look behind you!

Bucky cusses again and swings around to grapple the seven-foot-tall tentacle alien that somehow managed to (almost) get the jump on him while he was distracted. “Come over here and say that to my face, Natalia!

I can’t, I’m too busy cleaning up your mess while you fart around up there!”

Natasha, Bucky, focus, please!” Steve butts into the conversation in his own heavily-accented Russian, and Bucky and Nat both quiet down and get back to work penning in the current threat.

Two minutes later, Bucky mutters, “Steve’s such a boring old man,” into the headset and grins at Nat’s abruptly-stifled cackle and Steve’s snort of indignation. 

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Imagine Bucky NOT being ashamed of his arm. He loves the strength it provides him, and sees it as small recompense for what Hydra took from him. He can protect the people he loves with that arm, but it's not all violence. It can tear through metal, sure, but it can also softly pet Beast Kitty's chin until she purrs happily. He can run a finger down Sam's spine so gently it makes Sam shiver. His arm gives him options most people don't have, and after having no choices for so long, he loves it.

to be fair, it takes him a long time to get there. at first, he hates it; he remembers waking up with people hovering over him and pain and metal where his arm should have been, and out of all the awful things that happened during the war and his time as the winter soldier, that’s one of the ones that haunt his nightmares the most.

he also hates it because of the things he was forced to do with it; his arm has committed nothing but violence and it’s caused more pain and suffering than he wants to think about.

at first, he actively avoids using it, because he’s tired of using it to hurt people.

he doesn’t really start to think of it as a positive thing until he uses it during a rescue mission, to save civilians who are trapped under the rubble of a fallen building. with the arm, he can move chunks of rubble that even steve can’t budge, and he saves the lives of five people that day.

after that, he notices the little things he can use it for. he can open any jar in the cupboard, even when darcy has glued her mod podge shut again and even thor can’t open it. he doesn’t need an oven mitt to grab a hot pot off the stove when he’s helping clint cook. he can lift the couch with one hand and vacuum underneath it with the other.

he has a long talk with natasha about what it means to be unmade and the measures she’s taken to rebuild her life in the aftermath, and she quietly admits that she’s never talked about this to anyone but clint, and never in such detail. she tells him that he can’t change what they did to him, and she can’t change what they did to her; all either of them can do is make choices in the here and now, and remembering that helps her. bucky can’t decide if it upsets him or comforts him at first, but he thinks about it a lot.

it takes him a long time to get there, but eventually he decides that the most important thing about his arm is how he chooses to use it.

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imagine bucky helping sam with something he's really scared of, maybe he needs surgery and he's scared of being put to sleep because what if he doesn't wake up, and bucky talks him through it and promises to be there afterwards

sometimes, it really sucks to be a human without a healing factor on a team that’s largely made up of, well, superhumans. sam’s sure tony stark could relate, but he’s not the one who landed hard and wrong and screwed up his knee.

the mission has been officially over for three hours, and in that time, sam has seen two different shield-vetted doctors, both of whom are telling him he needs surgery. it’s not that he’s questioning their medical advice…he’d just rather not.

“is this really necessary?” he asks for the third time, grimacing. he’s sitting upright on the exam table, which is a bonus, but he’s in more pain than he’d like to admit and nothing sounds better than curling up in his own bed and sleeping until this is all just a bad dream.

“it is,” says the doctor firmly.

sam sighs and signs the consent forms.

a half an hour later, steve, bucky, and natasha, file into his room. it’s obvious that not one of them has taken the time to shower, and he would be surprised if any of them had eaten, either.

“sorry,” says bucky, jokingly. “would have brought you flowers, but the closest florist got smashed by the enormous bug things, and i thought you’d pine if i was away for too long.”

“shut up,” mutters sam, but he’s grinning. he’s still unhappy about the surgery - which is scheduled for later that afternoon - but he feels better already with his people nearby.

“how’s the leg?” steve asks him, taking a seat in one of the infirmary chairs that’s almost comically too small for him.

“needs surgery,” says sam woefully. “they scheduled it for later this afternoon. i’ll be out of commission for a while, cap.”

steve shrugs. “don’t worry about it, sam,” he says. “just do what you’ve gotta do. taking care of yourself is the most important thing.”

sam has been increasingly nervous as the hours tick away, but hasn’t quite found the words to mention it. steve, bucky, and nat have been hanging out in his room, playing cards, and that helps, but when a nurse steps in to get him, his nerves skyrocket.

“okay, mr. wilson,” she says cheerfully. “i’m going to wheel you down the hall, where you’ll meet our surgery team, and -“

“can someone come with me?” sam asks her, mouth dry. she looks surprised, but acquiesces readily enough.

sam’s eyes find bucky’s, and he stands up without a word.

bucky holds his hand while they settle him.

“you nervous?” he asks, thumb rubbing circles on sam’s hand.

“yeah,” sam admits. bucky squeezes.

“i’ll be right here when you wake up,” he says. “and i’ll watch whatever movies you want, and bring you smoothies in bed. but i promise, i’ll be right here.”

"i know you will," says sam.

"five galleons says hufflepuff wins the game tomorrow," drawls bucky, hooking his broom over his shoulders and shooting steve and sam a smug look.

“hell no, you won’t,” says sam. “ten says gryffindor.” he’s rolling his beater’s bat between his hands; they’re watching the end of the ravenclaw team’s practice, but the sun has gone down and it’s getting dark. they’ll be calling it quits soon.

“you wish, buck,” scoffs steve. “clint’s a good seeker, but i’m lighter and faster than he is and i’ll outfly him any day.” he pushes his glasses up his nose.

“pepper beat you to the snitch last week,” bucky points out.

“pepper’s not playing tomorrow,” steve retorts. “gryffindor’s gonna win. besides me and sam being awesome, we all know maria is the best keeper in the school. and you’ll have to contend with sharon to get anything past her anyways.”

” okay, i can’t argue with that. maria and sharon are both incredible,” admits bucky. “but thor is gonna give you a run for your money, sam. dude can hit a bludger all the way to the forbidden forest from’d better watch out.”

“he can bring it on,” declares sam. bucky’s about to retaliate when natasha breezes by, broom slung over her shoulder.

“practice is over,” she says, stopping to talk for a moment and propping her free hand up on her hip. “are you ready for the big game tomorrow?”

“of course we’re ready,” bucky tells her proudly, and she grins at him.

“good,” she says. “just be glad you’re not playing me tomorrow, cause you’d be picking the grass out of your teeth for a week.” she waves at them delicately as she turns away and starts the walk back up to the castle.

“damn,” says sam.

“she made me eat grass once,” bucky tells them. “it was incredible flying. i’ve never been so excited about waking up in the hospital wing, so naturally, we’re best friends now.”


“aaaand barnes has the quaffle - oh, there’s thor, beating off beautifully, i could watch that boy beat off all day - but his bludger fails to shake carter, who’s on barnes’ tail like -“

“miss lewis -“

“i’m sorry professor fury, if you’re reading into my words that’s really more on you than me - barnes scores, ten points to hufflepuff! booyah!”
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Oh jeeze im sorry it said open for prompts and I'm on mobile and this is the first time I've been on this blog I'm sorry I thought it was kinda like a fic request blog that fanfic writers used to find prompts to help with writers block I'm sorry (c)

(C) ignore the thi mg about bucky being comfortable enough to turn his back on someone sorry again for not checking the faq really sorry

anon, not to worry! i’m a little confused by what you mean, but usually people submit us prompts via ask/submit and we answer them with fic or art! although anyone is welcome to expand on one of our posts or create fanworks based on them, so in that sense, it kind of is also a place for writers to find prompts?

anyways you didn’t do anything wrong! we’d be happy to fill the prompt you sent us. i hope that helps clear things up? ♥



Join us in October to celebrate a whole month of your favorite WOC characters in Marvel & DC Comics and their imprints!

What's going to happen?

This October, we’re taking this chance to appreciate and celebrate the WOC characters from Marvel and DC Comics. The event format is in Single Day Themes and Five-Day Themes.

You can find the calendar for the Fest here.

WOCtober Halloween Contest

Because October is Halloween Month, we’re hosting a contest with that theme. There will be four categories: Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics/Manips, Crafts. Each category will have a grand prize, a second prize winner and a third prize winner. Post any of your fanworks and tag it as #WOCtober Halloween Contest to count as an entry submission.

More information about the contest will be posted soon.

Most importantly!

HAVE FUN THIS MONTH! We mean it! Nothing is strictly enforced, the calendar is more of a suggested guide, and we are not going to be policing anyone or demanding you to post a certain way. You can celebrate your favorite WOC in whatever form you wish, be it fanart, fanfics, crafts, fanmixes, introduction posts, fanvids, cosplay, everything is okay!! Just bring on the love for the ladies and go wild. The tags we will be using are #WOCtober fest or #WOCtoberfest.

Do note that we strongly encourage an emphasis on canon WOC Marvel/DC characters. Fanon racebending is fine, but it should not dominate this event.

This event is run by DCWOC, MarvelWOC, Lornahs & Sirdef.

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Imagine Bucky being brought with the avengers to volunteer at a hospital, and while sure the others are fun and all but a lot of children flock to him, eventually he ends up with his hair braided with flowers and ribbon, and his arm is covered in drawings of animals, and he finds that he is really happy with this group of children who don't see him as anything more than a really big playmate with a really cool arm. He ends up coming back often since it feels great to be making children so happy.
Winterhawk Week



September 22-28 will be the first ever Winterhawk Week- a week devoted to showing our love for Bucky/Clint! Each day will have a different theme to inspire headcanons, fanfiction, fanart, graphics and gifs, playlists, fanvids, and anything else. However, don’t feel limited to the themes; like the Pirate’s Code, they’re more guidelines than actual rules. As long as it’s Winterhawk, you’re good.

It’s recommended that posts for Winterhawk Week are tagged both #winterhawk and #winterhawk week.

Alright, on to the themes!

Main Themes:

Day 1 (September 22) - First Meeting
Day 2 (September 23) - Disabilities
Day 3 (September 24) - Snipers
Day 4 (September 25) - Injury
Day 5 (September 26) - AU
Day 6 (September 27) - Smut
Day 7 (September 28) - Fluff

Optional themes (to be completed any day of the week):

The Future



so, a quick test of a few urls made it apparent to me that there isn’t an imagine blog for peggy or sharon, and in light of the upcoming agent carter show, i think that just won’t do.

and thus: imagineagentcarter

in order to get this running, i’d really like to bring on a few new mods who aren’t already affiliated with imaginebucky!

apply to be an imagineagentcarter mod

if you’d like to be a mod, you will need to be willing to provide an email address and a skype (or be willing to get one). the app also asks you to respond to the following imagine prompt like you would for a blog post (so, ~300 words max): “imagine sharon visiting peggy after the events of ca:tws”

the app is just an adjusted and streamlined version of the one imaginebucky used in august. you are more than welcome to apply if you have previously applied to be an imaginebucky mod. i’d like to find four new mods to start with. the applications will close one week from today, on september 21st at 11:59 pm PST.

thanks everyone, i’m really looking forward to getting this going!


i felt like this needed to exist and so this is the plan: i (holly), will be a mod on the new blog. however, i’d like it primarily to be staffed by people who aren’t also imaginebucky mods, and i’m hoping some of you will be interested! if you love peggy and sharon, clap your hands!

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Hey there! I just wanted to send a message (now that I can) to give a shout of love to all the submitters and writers who have contributed to adding more Bucky/Clint posts (both friendship and romantic) lately, because finding out that my rare ship is less rare than I thought is just so awesome, so thank you! (Also on the topic, I was just curious if you guys were planning to in any way join that winterhawk week thing this month now that you're reopened...? because that would also be awesome)

thank you anon!! we are happy to write bucky/clint and i know we have a few more prompts for it in our inbox right now ♥ i didn’t know about winterhawk week, but we’d be happy to promo it at least for sure if someone could send a link my way? what we could probably do is publish the bucky/clint prompts we get that week right away instead of queuing them. whether or not we write anything specifically for it will probably depend on which mods are interested and how busy they are.