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Quick question. Can you do crossovers outside of the MCU?

hi, anon!

as we mention in our faq, our personal preferences tend to fall outside of crossovers and prompts that reference other works of fiction - in part because we tend to prefer sticking within our canon, and in part because there’s no guarantee that any of the mods will be familiar with what you’re referencing. while you’re always welcome to submit a prompt that references another work of fiction, please understand that it may be queued and sent out to our followers without a fill, or not posted at all.

with that said, we are not strictly an mcu blog (though most of the mods are most familiar with that canon) and would also happily try to fill submissions based in the 616.


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Imagine TFA!Bucky being upset because post serum Steve is too heavy for him to pick up

"No, this is serious," he says, glaring mulishly around as the Howling Commandos snicker into their hands. "You guys don’t understand what he’s like. He picks these dumb fights all the time, and the only way to break it up is to just throw him over your shoulder and high-tail it. The guy’s a menace. Dr. Erskine didn’t know what he was doing, making him all big and heavy and stupid.”

Morita snorts. “Give it up, Barnes. Here, if you want something to carry, take my pack for me.”

(Later, when they have made camp, Steve obligingly maneuvers himself up against a tree and holds his own weight there while Bucky kisses him fiercely and pretends to be holding him in place. “You’re too - damn - big,” he grumbles, and Steve muffles his laugh in Bucky’s shoulder.)

Anonymous asked:
Imagine Bucky with Daisy Johnson and Bobbi Morse during their first day as Free Agents going to Hawaii. (Comic: Secret Avengers)

sorry anon, none of the mods are familiar with this run of SA, but here it is as a prompt if any of our followers would like to write it!


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Imagine Bucky really took that double date to the science expo because he secretly had a huge celeb crush on Howard Stark, and Steve is totally oblivious about it... until he finally introduces them.

Bucky’s eyes are wider than saucers.

"That’s…that’s him," he says, voice hoarse and breathless in Steve’s ear. "That’s really him. He’s coming right this way. Steve, he’s -" He breaks off mid-sentence, whipping around at neck-breaking speed to check his reflection in the window beside them. "My hair. Please tell me my hair’s lying flat."

"Your hair’s fine, Buck. Real handsome." Seeing Bucky this flustered is…interesting, to say the least. Steve does his best to make his smirk look like an encouraging smile; Bucky doesn’t seem to notice.

He’s too busy staring at Howard Stark, a faint tinge of colour rising in his cheeks, hands fisting nervously in his pockets.

Oh boy.

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radioactivesoup asked:
Imagine Bucky ten years or so after the events of the Winter Soldier. Imagine him finding his place in the world - whether that's working with the Avengers, or going to school (just think of his excitement at some of the courses that are offered now!), or puttering around in a backyard garden. Just. Imagine Bucky surrounded by people who love him, and he loves, and doing something that is important to him, and being happy.

Imagine, after his recovery, Bucky falls in love with words.

Even though Howard Tony Stark tells him that he could find everything he needs on the internet, Bucky collects hard copies of dictionaries, thesauruses, and nearly every other kind genre of book, in every language he can find (nearly every other genre. He tried reading a book about recovering from PTSD once that bird boy Sam lent him, but it didn’t end well). He’s not quite ready for the expanse of the internet yet, and he’s afraid of Hawkeye Clint Barton and Natalia Natasha hacking and seeing his internet history. To be honest, the screens make his eyes hurt burn most days, and he prefers being able to touch caress the words in his books without Stark yelling about dirty fingers leaving “who-knows-what” on his screens. So, he sticks to his books and avoids the internet. (It’s probably for the best anyway, Bucky still has a lot of triggers and the internet has all too many unkind words.)

Sometimes, he’ll speak all day, non-stop, switching easily effortlessly from language to language until The Hulk Banner Bruce the Doc is practically begging him to stop and leave him to do his research (of course, begging for the Doc is more like politely asking/bribing). Bucky will just talk babble as he goes, loving the way the words roll off his tongue and reverberate through his head.

Other days, he won’t talk at all. He’ll hide himself in his room, building a fort from blankets and pillows to hide shelter himself from the words that he doesn’t like don’t appeal to him (Once, he stayed in there for three days after hearing the word moist on the television). While snuggled there, he’ll turn on the flashlight that pops out of his metal hand and read books novels until he falls asleep drifts off with the words plastered to the backs of his eyelids. When he’s there in the dark, the only way to gauge the time is by when the voice from above JARVIS announces that his dinner has been left outside his door, along with another book.

He enjoys Thor’s company almost as he enjoys the word plethora. He enjoys his voice, the way it booms and echoes in Stark’s spacious rooms and hallways. He enjoys the way he speaks, like he’s in some fantasy book Bucky once read. But most of all, Bucky enjoys Thor’s stories, whether they’re his own or as old as time, passed by word of mouth for eons. Each fills Bucky with a sort of ache that makes him feel ancient and empty and whole, all at the same time. It almost makes him feel better to know that Thor is older than him, to remember that he isn’t the only one who is out of place in this time.

Then there’s his mission friend captain Steve. His Steve. There aren’t enough words in any language Bucky knows to describe Steve. He’s never been good enough at drawing to capture people the way Steve can, although he has been known to sketch the stray cat to pass the time. No, there is only one way that Bucky could ever try to do Steve justice, and that is through words. He starts writing one day while Steve draws him. He writes about the way the late afternoon sun catches Steve’s hair and sets it aglow, the way his jaw moves and his eyebrows draw together when he’s focused. The way his broad shoulders lead down to powerful arms, veins standing out, and the way he cracks his fingers every few minutes while assessing Bucky before continuing to draw. More than once, Bucky finds himself just staring at Steve and forgetting to write, but Steve doesn’t seem to mind.

Bucky doesn’t know why he loves words. Everyone gives him some answer about him just being a ‘talented, natural learner’ and ‘meant to write’ but Steve mentions to him one day that words are a choice. In the past, Bucky never had the freedom to speak, he only used words that were necessary. Now, it’s his decision to be descriptive, to weave stories and paint pictures in peoples’ minds with words. He loves having that choice.

submitted by heir-of-gondor

Imagine Bucky spending a movie night with the Avengers in the common room. He’s sitting on the right end of the sofa and on his right is sitting Natasha, Steve, Pepper, Tony, Rhodey, Clint, Thor, Jane, Darcy and Bruce.

They all are having a great time, they’re laughing at the dumb jokes, confused Thor and overly excited Steve.

Bucky was quiet the whole time,had his legs tucked under him, staring blankly in the direction of the huge-ass tv.

He stopped paying attention when he realized that he didn’t want to be there and didn’t want to be surrounded with that many people. But Steve reassured him once again that he’s safe with them, so he stayed.

Bucky let the others have fun and keeping somewhere in his mind Steve’s words, he started thinking.

Because he felt like there was a picture in his memory he needed to have back.

Earlier that day, he was in the empty common room, counting on the fact that everyone was out of the tower or locked in their room or working out. He was in his usual reading spot in the corner from where he could see everything in the room with low probability of being seen.

He saw Natasha, wearing her sweat pants and sport bra, enter and dance through the room to get to the bar as she was humming some melody. She grabbed a bottle of something and left the room without noticing Bucky.

At first he didn’t care about the melody, but now he was obssessed with it.

Because he knew there was a point in his life in which he knew that melody. He could imagine himself humming it throughout his day, doing… something, but he didn’t know exactly what or where.

Dammit, he even knew there were words to the song! 







Bucky wasn’t watching or listening to anything that was happening around him. Steve said he’s safe and Natasha was sitting next to him. He was frowning so hard, focusing on getting the memory back, because even though he didn’t know what was it, he could tell it was something good. The sound was just too cheerful and optimistic to mean something bad. He didn’t even notice that Natasha grabbed his metal hand and dragged it to rest on her lap.

Ай, люли, ай люли,
Ай, дорожка, не пыли!

Those words hit him like a fucking train and he could see the moment like it happened yesterday. They were siting just like they were right now, next ro each other, Natalia stroking his metal arm, James drawing circles oh her thigh, watching Морозко on Christmas.

He gasped out loud and Natasha turned to him.

Bucky was still processing.He made it. He remembered. He remembered them in the training humming random songs but being careful so nobody hears it and knows that they are spending time together. So many pictures of them holding all of it in and then giggling like idiots when they were sure they were completely alone.

He was overwhelmed. He finally could see the contrast in his life. How dark and wrong was everything he’s done and how captive he was. And then there was her, making him happy no matter the risk, because she knew how broken he was even if he tried to hide it so hard. She put it together.

He let himself be filled with that feeling from the past, never lost, never taken from him, never wiped away, just pushed back. Because this was one of the things he could never be robbed of.

He closed his eyes and sighed happily. How was this moment similar to the original one… except now he had both Natasha and Steve and a bunch of other people to smile at and get a smile back.

He opened his eyes, moved his hands to wipe the tears from his face when he realised that Natasha was holding his left arm and suddenly he was fully present in the moment. She saw the expression of pure happiness on his face and understood that her little mission was succesfully accomplished. Without a word they touched foreheads and laughed together with relief.

Natasha kissed him and Bucky kissed her back quickly before they joined the merriment of the rest.

It was a breakthrough.

(submitted by forever-drowning-in-tears)

Imagine that, during group missions, when Natasha’s working her magic infiltrating a high-security building or scaling something particularly precarious, Bucky begins to hum “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” into the comms.

The children’s rhyme becomes chilling and prophetic with his voice still gravelly from seventy years in and out of cryo.

Tony says, “Woah, cool your jets, Satan.”

Natasha loves it.

(submitted by greatestkindofcourage)

Anonymous asked:
Imagine Bucky really liking nail polish :)

His first efforts are a little sloppy. He’s only got one set of fingernails to work with, and his left hand was hardly built with this kind of fine-grain decorative work in mind, so he spends a lot of time picking extra splashes of polish off his cuticles. But he’s nothing if not a quick study: soon he can do stripes and polka dots and all kinds of intricate patterns.

He favours bright, bold colours and dramatic contrast. He is seldom seen with two nails the same colour. And once he finds out about nail decals, there’s just no stopping him.

The echoes of his new hobby are felt throughout the Avengers Tower. One day, Natasha emerges from Bucky’s room sporting an immaculate blood-red manicure; on another, Steve is spotted wiggling his neon-coloured toes as he suns himself out on the balcony. Arguably the most impressive incident is Sam’s team-themed manicure: a different design on each nail for each of the Avengers, including Steve’s shield and Tony’s helmet and a toothy green smiling face that can only be Bruce. 

Sam puts pictures of it up on instagram. They are a runaway success.


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