sebastianmylove asked:
Imagine Bucky and Steve volunteering at food banks because they grew up starving. To SHIELD it's good publicity but for the two of them it means more than just that. This is their way to make a difference.

imagine them using their social influence to promote food drives year round, because people aren’t just hungry over the holidays. and nothing makes steve angrier than when they get donations of food that are long since expired or when they have volunteers who think that just because someone owns an ipod, they can’t be in need.

imagine them taking the time to talk and get to know  to the people who visit the food bank whenever they can, and they never miss their regular volunteering time unless the world is (literally) ending.

Anonymous asked:
Imagine Bucky using Steve's shield as a sled in the winter

he wasn’t counting on how little traction it would have, and they picked a big hill to try it out -

"fuck fuck FUCK i FUCKED UP—"

luckily for the world, sam was recording; a vine consisting of just bucky whizzing through the screen yelling obscenities goes viral within hours. it’s tagged #hecallshimselfthewintersoldier, and steve doesn’t stop laughing about it for days.

Anonymous asked:
Imagine that Bucky is desperately touch starved and is very slowly discovering the types of touch that he likes with the Avengers. He enjoys people running their fingers through his hair and stroking his forehead; shoulder rubs are a go if the area around his left shoulder is avoided, as are hand and foot rubs; and to his embarrassment light tickling is one of his favorite ways to be touched. His teammates are happy to help and are sure to seek Bucky's explicit consent before ever touching him.
Anonymous asked:
Imagine Bucky being bisexual but in the past (fearing backlash) never told a soul or acted on feelings for men and made sure he always had a girl on his arm (aided by brazenly unsubtle flirting), but then after arriving in the present with his mind scattered, he doesn't remember that he used to have those fears. So when Steve walks into the kitchen one day to find Bucky casually trying to put some of his classic 40s moves on Clint, he just grabs his food with a grin (he, after all, always knew).

at first, clint is totally nonplussed, since the only things he knows about bucky are that a. he’s a formerly brainwashed russian assassin, b. he and steve were apparently best friends back in the day which. what the fuck, and c. natasha knows him and vouches for him

unfortunately, no one told him that bucky was hot as shit with a mouth to die for and a voice like a rough fuck in a back alley. he hasn’t been this flustered in years (which is maybe not entirely true, since just last week nat had said something that made him run into a pole, but that’s neither here nor there) and he’s scrambling for something to say so he blurts out “i didn’t know you were gay??” before he can stop himself

bucky’s grin melts into a confused frown and wow, way to go clint, you fucked that up in record time, congratulations. but bucky just says hesitantly, “is that what it’s called? when you like fellas and ladies?” and clint feels like an even bigger asshole

"well," he starts awkwardly, because he does most things awkwardly and god knows that’s not gonna stop now, no matter how much he wishes it would, "i’m no expert or anything, but that sounds a lot like bisexuality"

bucky nods thoughtfully and mouths the word “bisexuality” to himself several times. clint, fool that he is, thinks he’s in the clear. it’s not that he minds people flirting with him (especially not ridiculously attractive people that could probably fuck him ‘til he cried), it’s just that he’s so incredibly bad at it that he likes to avoid it altogether. but alas, bucky’s not done with him yet

"y’know," clint hears bucky drawl from right behind him, and he’s so startled he almost drops his coffee, "i’d really like to explore my newfound bisexuality with someone who’s got some experience. are you experienced enough to help me out, clint?”

out of the corner of his eye, clint sees steve grab a box of cereal, face split in a huge grin, but he can’t even be embarrassed by the way he lets out a breathy “dear god yes”

(he’s totally right by the way - bucky absolutely could (and absolutely did) fuck him ‘til he cried)

Imagine Bucky a little drunk and reverting to trying to woo Nat with old 40s and 50s lingo, calling her “doll” and quoting old jazz music like, “Let’s get drunk and truck, doll.” But she just laughs at him and calls him an old man but whispers in his ear how she’d like a “little sugar in [her] bowl” or a “hot dog in [her] bun.”


❀ Sam/Bucky Week ❀

Spanning July 24-30, Sam/Bucky week is a chance for fans to come together and nerd out over these two idiots, as well as to generate new works and interest in the pairing.

What’s allowed: fanfic, fanart, meta, headcanons, fanvids, edits, etc. All works are welcomed so long as they are Sam/Bucky-centric. There’s no need to create works strictly for suggestions following prompts; each prompt is designed to function as a starting point from which ideas can branch out.  

Remember to post to/check the tag: sbweek!

DAY 1. Attraction. Why Sam/Bucky? What attracts you to the pairing? What might attract Sam and Bucky to one another (physically, mentally, as friends, as lovers)? What traits/interests do they share or admire in one another? How does their relationship begin (and what may impede it)?

DAY 2. Firsts. Milestones and everything in-between. First kiss? First mission together? First date? First time flying? First disagreement/fight? First time spending the night with one another?

DAY 3. Intimacy. Sexytimes. Kinks. Doin’ the do.

DAY 4. Conflicts. Both internal and external, physical and mental. Their insecurities, fears, limitations.

DAY 5. AU. Alternative universes and canon divergences. Points in which canon could have gone differently. Wing AU, Harry Potter AU, Soulmate AU, Coffee Shop AU, School AU, Mermaid AU, Vampire AU, any AU you can dream up.

DAY 6. Downtime. Their domestic life, how they spend their downtime, cooking, hobbies, games, fluff, etc.

DAY 7. Free day!!! Today is the day for whatever your heart desires; have fun!

Anonymous asked:
Imagine Bucky taking night classes/college course in order to get a degree (and a high school one for that matter...) to become a physical trainer, because he'd rather help people than hurt them

going back to school is great; he’s always loved learning, but never thought he would have the opportunity to go to college (although he’s not that sad about skipping the campus housing experience). he enjoys the intellectual challenge and having a personally meaningful goal, and when he walks at graduation, the whole team attends. it’s one of his most joyful moments.

ninemoons42 asked:
thanks so much for running this blog. been going back and forth through the tags today, which is not my best day in life. the prompts are lovely and the ficlets are always amazing. it's like reading virtual hugs. (so, okay, if it's an imagine, imagine Bucky learning how to give hugs with the left arm. he's hesitant at first and then he gets encouragement and then it becomes something he does almost without overthinking it any more.)

it’s a long time before bucky hugs anyone, but the first time he does, he just lets his left arm hang by his side. he can’t quite shake out of his mind the last time he touched steve with that arm, and how much damage it did.

steve reaches down for his left hand and grabs it, very gently, then guides it up and around his waist.

"don’t you dare say anything sappy," bucky mutters, resisting the urge to hide his face in steve’s shoulder. steve just chuckles.

"fine, jerk."

sam, standing on bucky’s left, goes for a side hug the first time, and it’s not until bucky has reflexively put his left arm around sam to reciprocate that he realizes sam did it on purpose. he shoots sam a look, but sam just grins and squeezes him. bucky pretends to be annoyed, but they don’t separate for a while; being near sam is comfortable and warm and safe, and bucky resolves to hug him more often. it’s nice.

hugs from natasha are rare and, as sam says, precious - an opportunity not to be wasted (neither steve nor bucky disagree). natasha slides her arms up under his, gently squeezing his ribs and resting her head against his chest. he always forgets how much shorter than him she is; he can rest his chin on the top of her head, so he does. she pokes him in the ribs and chuckles, but doesn’t move away, so he brings both of his arms around her shoulders.

Anonymous asked:
Imagine Bucky meeting Rikki Barnes and her fangirling shyly over him

i don’t believe any of the mods are familiar enough with rikki barnes to do this prompt justice (although she seems super cool from what i read on wikipedia!!) so if any of our followers would like to, feel free to take this prompt and run with it!