tobsjpalfrey asked:
Imagine Bucky's first time choosing takeout for the team.

they traditionally take turns choosing, and that doesn’t change when bucky joins the team. they keep a stack of takeout menus in what tony lovingly refers to as the family room so that they’re handy whenever the need for takeout arises.

bucky has liked everything they ordered so far. last week sam picked chinese; natasha, mediterranean, bruce, indian, and clint, mexican. pizza is always good, and he likes sushi more than steve does. it’s all good, and when tony hands him the stack of menus, it’s completely overwhelming.

while the rest of the team bickers over which movie to watch, he weeds through the stack, pulling out the menus for places he’s already tried, and then selects one at random.

when the food arrives, the team is shocked. “bucky,” says tony in a low voice. “did you order the entire menu?” he surveys what is a veritable tower of boxes with an expression as close to awe as any of them have ever seen him.

bucky shrugs. “I didn’t know what to get,” he says sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. clint high fives him; thor whoops excitedly, and steve is grinning, looking absolutely proud of him.

tony throws his head back and laughs. “i like the way you think,” he says to bucky. “dig in!” he shouts to the team, and chaos ensues.